.everything has a start

Here it is. A blog. Catherine sometimes says that I should get to know more people than just the ones in the groceries. Finally I’m doing something in this sense. Am I? Through time I’ve kind of lost some friendships, broke a lot of good things in the way, but life goes on… That seems to be the only true, it always goes on, never waits, never turns back, goes and goes…
Back to the point!!! My plan is to show here and explain, when possible, my drawings and maybe some sculptures too. To start talking about it, I mainly work with Indian Ink and liquid Watercolors, a.k.a. Thalens’ Ecoline, for the finals and do my sketches with HB Staedler pencils, but I’m now getting used to work with 0.3 automatic pencils. I’ve started a sketchbook some months ago, while I was starting to study sculpture. For the matter, since then I’ve done as little as one finished sculpture, but moving from place to place and other things, and also the massive predominance of drawings into my head and time, the ones i’ve started and am still working on make a good-enough number. Do they Thomas? He thinks so. I like Thommy’s opnions.

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