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Day 2, post 2, very unlikely¹! Cathy must be proud.

One thing I’ve forgotten to tell ye all yesterday was that I, in the most remarkable company of 7 friends in the City of Curitiba and Otherplaces, run an Independent Game Developer, which is unofficially named Avant-Garde Designers from the Uirapuru Enterprises, that officially reads: aduge. We just opened our blog and have two projects on the go. One of them is about a character called Bichinho. And to present him to ye here is a free-adaptation of other people’s works (i.e. Frank Miller’s,  Ken Sugimori’s and Bruno Bulhões’, one of those 7 friends²) I’ve made today³:


One thing ye can know quite easily about the Bichinho, even if thou art not almighty Sherlock, is that he’s not Pikachu.



¹ As ye may come to discover by yourselves in a near future, I’m not exactly a frequent writer.
I mean this, this and Bruno as the original creator of the Bichinho.
³ This card is 16,5x8cm Italian 200g/m² Cotton Paper. I’ve used Indian Ink pens (to your acknowledge: 0.05, 0.4 and Brush points) and Pentel Water Colors.

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