.last things first

Oh Lord! What a bloody weather… Seriously, something’s wrong with heaven’s termostate…
Like I’ve said, the last month was travelling, now back to work.
Two congresses, plenty of meetings with the studio back in Curitiba, a Animation Festval in Rio de Janeiro and yet a Game Symposium next week. But anyway, back to work.
Yesterday I’ve done three drawings for a friend, he’s into Student’s Movement and stuff, and they wanted this guy reaching a Peteca, a kind of indigenous shuttlecok, to use in their campaign poster whith the slogan: “Não deixe a Peteca cair!”, a recorrent pro-activity phrase, meaning Don’t let the shuttlecock fall.
So, here they are:

So… I’ve scanned those three guys in the morning. Along with them I’ve got some old and new others too. In time I’ll post them here too.

Cathy and Thom appreciate your visits very much. They’re very happy that I’m back home too.

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