.vini, vidi, vinci

I just lost the game¹.

Yet another trip. This time ’twas Belo Horizonte, Brasil, for the SBGames, the major Game event in the country. I need to admit that I’ve greatly underrated it, I was expecting something completely boring, technical, and… geeky.

To say the truth, shurelly it had some very geeky moments, but not at all was that the rule. Half the papers presented were related to Art, Design, Culture and/or Education. The main keynotes were in such a high level that I really don’t expected, Chris Norden from SCEA², John Nordlinger from Microsoft Research and Bertrand Chaverot from Ubisoft. The later actually is the director of the brand new São Paulo Ubisoft studio.
Ok, fine papers, great keynotes, good coffeebreaks (that’s utterly important)… But the greatest thing in SBGames was shurelly people.
Yeah yeah yeah. Life is good, this is fun,  but I gotta go back to work, and maybe someday I’ll come back to this topic. What I really have to say about the SBGames is quite simple, just vini, vidi, vinci.
And now I leave thou with the latest drawing, Chiba City Blues³, from this morning, watercolors on cotton paper:



¹ The game has three simple rules:
   rule #1: When you know about the game you start playing it.
   rule #2: When you think of The Game, you lose The Game.
   rule #3: When you lose The Game, you announce it to those around you. 

   I’ve lost.
² Sony Computer Entertainment America, that is opening a incubation program for brasilian game developers.
³ The relation with the first arch in William Gibson’s Neuromancer is mere chance. By the way, the thigns that happens by chance usually are the better ones. I like chance, do you?

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