.here is to aduge

Oh hi! I’ve told thou ’bout my little enterprise havn’t I? Our little aduge. We’re working hard in it, and more then ever with high hopes. Next wednesday the folks back in Curitiba will have a lil’ chat with Mr Chris Norden from SCEA, quite unnespected, quite remarkable. I’m back here in WY and waiting for some news. Pray they’ll be good. Thom ensures that everything is gonna be allright and that I should get back to work. And so I do. Tonight I’ll start a Mad Hatter. Whait and see.

Here are the last three inked ones I’ve done, all of them in a4s.


This last one is shurelly a cyberpunk, and in my last post I’ve referred to Gibson’s Neuromancer… Yeah, I’m reading it, and it’s friggin amazing! But this skinny guy up here is older then my reading. It’s quite an improvisation, since I don’t had such a big ciberpunk-visual-library inside my head, yet. But while reading Neuromancer the images just came, I can see every little detail of that universe, and it’s helping a lot to build a cyberpunk imaginarium that soon I’ll have to use. The charecters of the book are so very graphic, so visual in their concepts, that I’ve already started to draw two of them. One is, obviously, Molly with her quicksilver eyes and tight black suits. The other is Lupus Yonderboy, the Panther Modern. I’ll finish both this week, in the same style of those 3 here, maybe with some color in Lupus’ hair. Cathy loves his pink hair.

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