.mad madness

One of the consequences of reading too much of Batman’s graphic novels is that if you don’t watch yourself carefully soon you’ll gonna be mesmerized by the magnetic personality of Gotham’s criminals.
Just like I am…

And tonights case is a double problem.

It’s a shame, I know, but I must admit, I’ve never read Lewis Carroll, and don’t even remeber much of Disney’s version… But hey! I do know some of the characters! Yes I do. Great… But the big problem is when you take one of those characters, one that everyone knows and thinks is the crazyest thing around, you take this guy, and put him in Gotham! Now we’re talking ’bout a psycho villain!

Yesterday I’ve warned you, and The Mad Hatter is coming, he’s half the way now.
Here from the top of the watchtower we can see the image taking form:

and it’s getting closer now:

Thom flew of the tower to have a little chat with him. Hope he’ll be able to get Mr Hatter upstairs soon.
Beware! Take care…

One response

  1. O Cientista

    Real madness, kiddo! You’re doing it so well! Keep chewing! =D

    November 18th, 2008 at 12:23 pm GMT+0000

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