Today is a good day! I’m quite happy! GameArtisans has annouced the posters from DominanceWar III, it’s Blizzard supported competition. And hey! I’m in! The third edition of the contest has taken place some months ago, and I’ve sended my entry. I’ve been accepted, but not qualified to the finals, so I wasn’t expecting any news about that, but here are the posters! My illustration apears in the CG Society poster, in the right, above the funky Eel guy.
Basically the plot was to create a hero to save all system’s planets from a alien machine invasor, without using any complex machine and with some kind of magick power. The result of a long process of creation, that I may show thee someday, was that guy:

In the final step I’d sent a concept and a model sheets and a final illustration.


Saddly this last one isn’t sharply what it should be… I was coming all the way in traditional drawings, all the pieces of the modelsheet, except the crystal, are washed ink, paper, oldschool. Whem the time for the final one came I just don’t had it, and due to possible risks of making a traditional drawing (a.k.a. the inexistence of cmd+z in real life) in so short a time I’ve decided to go digitalway. As you see, not my strongest arm…

Sad story. Hohoho. But hey! The poster is nice and I’m there!
GameArtisans and Blizzard just opened a new competition, something about Death Knights and WOW. This time it’ll be paper based all the way!

2 responses

  1. aninha

    sehr gut, mocinho 🙂

    November 18th, 2008 at 6:22 pm GMT+0000

  2. Nossa cara, muito bom o seu trabalho. Mas vc deveria realmente ter ficado só no papel. Tu já começou a criar um personagem pra esse novo concurso ?

    November 20th, 2008 at 9:30 pm GMT+0000

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