.the madman is in the desert

Can you dance with the leppers in the madman’s house???¹

Hereby I present these very preliminary  sketches done for the “Flavour of the Month” section of John Howe’s website². I thought it would be interesting to have them here. The December’s flavour is The Silmarillion:

.azaghal and glorund
.thorondor and morgoth
.feännor and the balrogs
.ancalagon and eärendil

And February will be Dragons:
.from out of nowhere 
.the adventurer's worst nightmare 

That’s it. I’ll probably do the Morgoth and the Feännor ones this month and Ancalagon, The Nightmare and possibly two old drawings that I should’ve done a long time ago.

¹ Part of Arabian Sand, by British band The Coral.
² Every month there is sort of a little contest in John’s forum. He gives a theme and the best 5 os so drawings get the right to stay in the site.

2 responses

  1. O Cientista

    I like turtles.

    December 10th, 2008 at 11:38 pm GMT+0000

  2. Dude,
    thanks for the great saturday! It was really good to have you back at the meetings.
    I love your drawings. I really do. ^^ And if I were you, I would keep with the Fëanor one, hehe.

    See ya!

    December 21st, 2008 at 2:04 am GMT+0000

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