.the incredible adventures of mr laslande and petit

Oh! And so this is 2009! Welcome, my dear.
I’ll use this most splendid opportunity  to think about me past and bring something very interesting from back then. Being then the year of 2005, my first in the Design College, and most remarkably, the one in which I’ve settled the foundations of  Les Incroyables Aventures de M Laslande et Petit, not a children’s story. The first idea for this project is probably forever lost in history somewhere between 1997 and 2001, the earliest known concepts of something vaguely containing a background history for the characters are some sketches that I’ve found the other day in the bottom of a drawer in my old room in my parents’ house. They’re from 2001. But today we’ll talk about something slightly more recent, a series of illustrations I’ve done in the second half of 2005, just after a long period of creation and refinement of the characters and their surroundings. Today the count goes something like 40 characters, situated all around a sort of electropunk fantasy world: the time is a alternative version of the 30’s and the main place is Paris. Petit is a Secret Agent for the Europol and best friend to a lonely private detective, Monsieur Laslande, his owner. Petit is a 4 years old dog.
Just to start, some character sheets:

More soon. There are many other characters, including M Laslande and Petit themselves, and some illustrations done for inexistent comic-books imaginary layers.

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