.the path of good

Hello again dear world. These are the last days of something I’ve being working for a full year and a half. It’s my graduation project in Graphic Design that I’ve done alongside my beloved friend Ingrid Skåre and in collaboration with our dear friends Bruno Bulhões and Thiago Beto Alves. It’s a little-ambitious-metroidvanian-experimental-expressive game. And it’s named The Path of Good. We’ll be presenting the project in the evenings of November’s 11th and 12th at the Design Department f UFPR. Hope to see some of you there. For now, a little preview, our protagonist(s):

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  1. O sr. agora bem que poderia fazer um post novo contando as boas novas e colocar mais uns segredos de produção =D

    November 23rd, 2010 at 2:22 am GMT+0000

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