.mr. maperns

Maperns, although imaginarily living in a estate house in North Yorkshire, is a non-Britanic ambitious Character Designer from the late 80’s obsessed by work, averse to social interactions and yet amused by the eccentricities of people.

He came back to Curitiba, in South Brasil, in the dawn of 2009 and now lives with his two pet ravens, Thomas Dundale and Catherine of Winchester, in a small apartment building in the old centre, next to the University where, by the way, he studies Graphic & Product Design since 2005.

Hereby he presents a short curriculum that may deserve your attention:

::Personal Data:
Mauricio Perin Neves da Silva, born April 1988.
Speaks his mother language, Portuguese, and Italian and English. He also understands a little of French, which he is still studying.
mp [at] adugestudio.com
+55 41 9176 1226

· Studied Product Design in UFPR during 3 years and then switched to Graphic Design, still in UFPR, and is now in the 3rd year of the new graduation.
· In 2006 he attended to a 60h Comic Books Workshop in Curitiba’s Gibiteca (CB Library) with Professors José Aguiar and Liber Paz.
· During the first half of 2008 he travelled to São Paulo to study Concept Art, Character Design and Plasticine Sculpure, a technique largely used in Movies and Game Pre-Production, at Melies Digital Cinema School with Sculptors Alex Oliver and Rick Fernandes.
· Later in 2008 he studied casting reproduction techniques for polystone sculptures using silicon and latex molds with Sculptor and Writer Zeca Perim.
·  Since 2007 Mauricio works in an Indie Game Developer named Aduge Studio that he founded with 5 friends from the University. In January 2010 they created during the Global Game Jam the project Semblante. Currently they have 2 projects on the go, Tsar Project and another one, in which he works as both Art Director and Visual Development Artist.
· Mauricio studies animation, mostly traditional and Flash techniques, since 2003 by himself with the orientation of his older brother, the Animator Marcelo Perin, and the always helpful Animator’s Survival Kit by Richard Williams.

:: Traditional & Digital Media Skills:
· Vectorial Illustration & Composition in Adobe Illustrator
· Digital Painting in Adobe Photoshop and Paint Tool SAI
· Traditional animation in Flash and Animestudio
· 3D Modeling and Painting in Pixologic ZBrush

· Pencils and Automatic-Pencils Sketch and Illustration
· Gouache and Watercolours (liquid and solid) Painting
· Pitt Brushes, Markers, Hydrocolours, Ballpoint, Fineliners and Dip Pens Illustration
· Plasticine Sculture

:: Remarkable Projects:
· In 2005 he developed, with the supervision and colaboration of Professor Carla Spinillo, Ph.D., an alternative logo for the, by that time still to be created, Master in Design at UFPR.
· Created the illustration for the cover of an Agronomy technical book  by Professor Mário Nieweglosky Filho published by Pigmento.
· In 2007 created and illustrated both the Ad Poster and the Brochure for the play Tomai & Qomei by FAP (Arts College of Paraná) Graduates.
· He has collaborated with his brother Marcelo in many animation projects, specially in Ciência Física Show, Marcelo’s Graduation Project in Communication at UFES (Federal University of Espírito Santo). In this project Mauricio collaborated as collorist and background artist.

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