.i’m affraid i’m

So, I guess it’s just time to a new post! What do you think? Oh, right.
I like it when we agree so easily.
I’ve done another of my Lokis, but I’ll name this one differently, it’s quite different indeed. I’m gonna name it in a more complex, fragmented manner.

Surprisingly enough I’ll talk little today, very little.
After so much time being absent all I have to say is


.hell yeah!

Just to let you all know I’m still here!
Speed painted over a quick pencil sketch.

The original sketch took me one boring Typography class¹ at the University some months ago.
Today I spent about 1 and a half hour working in SAI. Hope you’ll like this boy from the hell inside Mr. Mignola’s head².

a young boy from hell

¹ notice that the boredom of the class is due to the professors dullness instead of Typography itself, which i love.
² obvious enough: HellBoy from the work of Mike Mignola.

.spidey is speedy

Ok. Now I’m starting to get the right pacing. As Milla said in the comments of .batbeyond thatshe likes the Amazing more than the Dark Knight I’ve done another speed painting, Spidey in the Black Suit. Once again, my new best friend among softwares, SAI, 40″.



Hello boys and girls!

I’ve decided to start a little Paint War with my good friend Santo. Yesterday he started a Batman painting in his blog. So here’s mine, although he’s Batman Beyond. 20″, Paint Tool SAI + Intuos4.


.goths, visigoths and ostrogoths

When I was a child in school I always got troubled with those guys, ostrogoths to one side, visigoths to the others, and blablabla… Though I was a little history book mouse those barbarians and their tricky names confused me. Then, one bright day, my brother told me that the complex names came from german for west-goths and east-goths, it all made sense. Still don’t know why the heck they don’t teach us simple things like this in school.

By the way, this is a painting and drafts blog, right? Here is a little fellow I’ve done in 40″ some two days ago, Paint Tool SAI from scratch. It’s a sort of gothic armored EVA unit. I’ve been developing the idea since I’ve started a 60cm tall sculpture of it one year ago, never finished it. This version was done without much reference, in a hurry, so it’s much more EVA-like than 14th-century-joust-amour-like…


.remember, remember…

Remember, remember the Fifth of November,
The Gunpowder Treason and Plot,
I know of no reason
Why Gunpowder Treason
Should ever be forgot

Just spent the whole of the day with those rhymes echoing inside my mind. Needed to put them out.
Some 2, 3h of work, Paint Tool SAI, straight ahead.  And hey! I’m back to posting!


.drizzly water


What a strange thing it is to walk all alone in the cold drizzly streets of the city, going back and forth in a time cycle that has no end nor beginning. I’m carrying a broken watch in my right pocket, the hand tightly grasping it, I walk with thin water in my glasses and through those polka-dotted windows I see those pieces, all dazzled, all messed up, this pieces of memories, right in front of my eyes. And in time I realize that I don’t care. It’s frozen on 4 o’clock, the watch. If before or afternoon doesn’t matter, it doesn’t cares. And the fragments of it’s stopped time are all around, coming and going back and forth in a time cycle that has no end nor beginning. I shall call it life.

What a awkward thing it is to stay all alone in your home, to stay inside of your own tower, and see the time passing, not speaking a single word all day, not seeing a living thing for so many hours, and thinking about so many things, that all seems to be otherworldly, in another time and space. But not, it isn’t. And you wake up back to life. The memories, so vivid, they are true. The people, so colorful, they are real. And slowly you do accept to be driven back to this infinite loop of experiences, of vinegar and salt, this huge bittersweetness. That strange thing, we shall call life.

This is the third paragraph.

¹ in time: indian ink on layout 180g paper. 35 minutes from first sketch to done.