Hello boys and girls! That’s right, I’m back! Or at least I’ll try to be. This last months has been very busy. I’ve moved, Thom and Cathy have got some decorative partners, adugestudio has moved to my home also, and it’s been great to live with the gentlemen and the lady.
The work of the studio is also great and progressing, and I have a bunch of novelties to show you all, hope later this week. By now, I’ll live you with my last loki. This is a very peculiar and particular kind of draw that now and then happens to come to my mind. It’s a sort of representation of all the too much inside my head, but somewhat less poetry-full than it may sounds. And I love to do them. This time they came in a pair, this’ the second one.


.the incredible adventures of mr laslande and petit

Oh! And so this is 2009! Welcome, my dear.
I’ll use this most splendid opportunity  to think about me past and bring something very interesting from back then. Being then the year of 2005, my first in the Design College, and most remarkably, the one in which I’ve settled the foundations of  Les Incroyables Aventures de M Laslande et Petit, not a children’s story. The first idea for this project is probably forever lost in history somewhere between 1997 and 2001, the earliest known concepts of something vaguely containing a background history for the characters are some sketches that I’ve found the other day in the bottom of a drawer in my old room in my parents’ house. They’re from 2001. But today we’ll talk about something slightly more recent, a series of illustrations I’ve done in the second half of 2005, just after a long period of creation and refinement of the characters and their surroundings. Today the count goes something like 40 characters, situated all around a sort of electropunk fantasy world: the time is a alternative version of the 30’s and the main place is Paris. Petit is a Secret Agent for the Europol and best friend to a lonely private detective, Monsieur Laslande, his owner. Petit is a 4 years old dog.
Just to start, some character sheets:

More soon. There are many other characters, including M Laslande and Petit themselves, and some illustrations done for inexistent comic-books imaginary layers.

.the madman is in the desert

Can you dance with the leppers in the madman’s house???¹

Hereby I present these very preliminary  sketches done for the “Flavour of the Month” section of John Howe’s website². I thought it would be interesting to have them here. The December’s flavour is The Silmarillion:

.azaghal and glorund
.thorondor and morgoth
.feännor and the balrogs
.ancalagon and eärendil

And February will be Dragons:
.from out of nowhere 
.the adventurer's worst nightmare 

That’s it. I’ll probably do the Morgoth and the Feännor ones this month and Ancalagon, The Nightmare and possibly two old drawings that I should’ve done a long time ago.

¹ Part of Arabian Sand, by British band The Coral.
² Every month there is sort of a little contest in John’s forum. He gives a theme and the best 5 os so drawings get the right to stay in the site.

.darts of pleasure

There and back again…
Did you missed me too much? Sorry for the absence. My brother has come to visit me, the ravens and some of his friends, ’twas his birthday last 26th and we’ve spent some time drinking our lives away. What does it mean? Well, I haven’t drawn a single sketch for many days! Shame on me.

Remember that Molly from Neuromancer I’ve talked ’bout? Finished her today.
All references to real life are mere coincidence (or not).

Other good news is that I’ve re-opened my account at John Howe’s forum¹, and will be participating on the next competitions, soon… So wait and see, here may be dragons. 

Back to the point. Molly and her dart gun; indian ink, pitt pens and color pencils, a4 layout 180g paper. 

.darts of pleasure

¹ this one i mean.


Today is a good day! I’m quite happy! GameArtisans has annouced the posters from DominanceWar III, it’s Blizzard supported competition. And hey! I’m in! The third edition of the contest has taken place some months ago, and I’ve sended my entry. I’ve been accepted, but not qualified to the finals, so I wasn’t expecting any news about that, but here are the posters! My illustration apears in the CG Society poster, in the right, above the funky Eel guy.
Basically the plot was to create a hero to save all system’s planets from a alien machine invasor, without using any complex machine and with some kind of magick power. The result of a long process of creation, that I may show thee someday, was that guy:

In the final step I’d sent a concept and a model sheets and a final illustration.


Saddly this last one isn’t sharply what it should be… I was coming all the way in traditional drawings, all the pieces of the modelsheet, except the crystal, are washed ink, paper, oldschool. Whem the time for the final one came I just don’t had it, and due to possible risks of making a traditional drawing (a.k.a. the inexistence of cmd+z in real life) in so short a time I’ve decided to go digitalway. As you see, not my strongest arm…

Sad story. Hohoho. But hey! The poster is nice and I’m there!
GameArtisans and Blizzard just opened a new competition, something about Death Knights and WOW. This time it’ll be paper based all the way!

.mad madness

One of the consequences of reading too much of Batman’s graphic novels is that if you don’t watch yourself carefully soon you’ll gonna be mesmerized by the magnetic personality of Gotham’s criminals.
Just like I am…

And tonights case is a double problem.

It’s a shame, I know, but I must admit, I’ve never read Lewis Carroll, and don’t even remeber much of Disney’s version… But hey! I do know some of the characters! Yes I do. Great… But the big problem is when you take one of those characters, one that everyone knows and thinks is the crazyest thing around, you take this guy, and put him in Gotham! Now we’re talking ’bout a psycho villain!

Yesterday I’ve warned you, and The Mad Hatter is coming, he’s half the way now.
Here from the top of the watchtower we can see the image taking form:

and it’s getting closer now:

Thom flew of the tower to have a little chat with him. Hope he’ll be able to get Mr Hatter upstairs soon.
Beware! Take care…

.here is to aduge

Oh hi! I’ve told thou ’bout my little enterprise havn’t I? Our little aduge. We’re working hard in it, and more then ever with high hopes. Next wednesday the folks back in Curitiba will have a lil’ chat with Mr Chris Norden from SCEA, quite unnespected, quite remarkable. I’m back here in WY and waiting for some news. Pray they’ll be good. Thom ensures that everything is gonna be allright and that I should get back to work. And so I do. Tonight I’ll start a Mad Hatter. Whait and see.

Here are the last three inked ones I’ve done, all of them in a4s.


This last one is shurelly a cyberpunk, and in my last post I’ve referred to Gibson’s Neuromancer… Yeah, I’m reading it, and it’s friggin amazing! But this skinny guy up here is older then my reading. It’s quite an improvisation, since I don’t had such a big ciberpunk-visual-library inside my head, yet. But while reading Neuromancer the images just came, I can see every little detail of that universe, and it’s helping a lot to build a cyberpunk imaginarium that soon I’ll have to use. The charecters of the book are so very graphic, so visual in their concepts, that I’ve already started to draw two of them. One is, obviously, Molly with her quicksilver eyes and tight black suits. The other is Lupus Yonderboy, the Panther Modern. I’ll finish both this week, in the same style of those 3 here, maybe with some color in Lupus’ hair. Cathy loves his pink hair.