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.spidey is speedy

Ok. Now I’m starting to get the right pacing. As Milla said in the comments of .batbeyond thatshe likes the Amazing more than the Dark Knight I’ve done another speed painting, Spidey in the Black Suit. Once again, my new best friend among softwares, SAI, 40″.




Hello boys and girls!

I’ve decided to start a little Paint War with my good friend Santo. Yesterday he started a Batman painting in his blog. So here’s mine, although he’s Batman Beyond. 20″, Paint Tool SAI + Intuos4.


.mad madness

One of the consequences of reading too much of Batman’s graphic novels is that if you don’t watch yourself carefully soon you’ll gonna be mesmerized by the magnetic personality of Gotham’s criminals.
Just like I am…

And tonights case is a double problem.

It’s a shame, I know, but I must admit, I’ve never read Lewis Carroll, and don’t even remeber much of Disney’s version… But hey! I do know some of the characters! Yes I do. Great… But the big problem is when you take one of those characters, one that everyone knows and thinks is the crazyest thing around, you take this guy, and put him in Gotham! Now we’re talking ’bout a psycho villain!

Yesterday I’ve warned you, and The Mad Hatter is coming, he’s half the way now.
Here from the top of the watchtower we can see the image taking form:

and it’s getting closer now:

Thom flew of the tower to have a little chat with him. Hope he’ll be able to get Mr Hatter upstairs soon.
Beware! Take care…

.tah-dah… it’s magickal!

The Dark Knight.

Since the end of Batman Begins and that killing scence with the joker card I was waiting for The Dark Knight to come. Something like 3 fortnights ago it arrived, and I went to the theatre. 5 times. Two just in the first day. Maybe a little too much, ok, but I’m one of those freaks that doesn’t just go to see a movie, I very much eat every little piece of it. And TDK has plenty to be eaten. In the third time I’ve found the rails of the Wayne Tram in the backgrounds, in the fourth I’ve seen Harvey knocking down Maroni’s bodyguard, in the fifth the audience, nearly a month since the premiere, was still mesmerized by the movie, still laughthing, all of them, of the dark humor of Joker’s magick pencil¹.
So.  Dark Knight. Thanks Nolans. Thanks Heath.

And, with some of my old memories back from Batman Animated and it’s greatest invention, Harley Quinzell, and the always-in-mind work of Mucha wandering around, the result followed:

But that’s not all. I know that the movie isn’t THAT awesome.

They haven’t created so much. In a first moment I’ve thought they had. Even knowing that there were all those classic comics and graphic novels. And, after the movie colled down, I’ve decided to  read what I long ago should have.
My head exploded!! A sevennight passed ’til I’ve finnished cleaning my brains from the ceiling. The three on the roof, all harvey’s mind, the italian mob, the hanging cops, “tonight’s entertainment”, and, much, much more. Seriously, Miller, Mazzucchelli, Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale are now among the most remarkable artists I know, and I must admit that recently I’ve also been greatly inspired by the work of other Batman artist, Mr Dustin Nguyen. And they’ve done this to me:

Quite a change. At least I think so. Catherine too. This one is the very first drawing of a new lineage the I’ve just discovered inside my mind. I’m very glad that I did so. Wait for the newer ones… The 3 Peteca guys² are some of them, but I’ve done others while I was travelling that I’m very happy with.
That drawing is also my first work with tube watercolour, before I used to work with Talens’ Ecoline, a liquid type of watercolour. I think that the new ones, to me, i mean, are even faster to work with.

But that’s not all!!!
Yeah! What a marvelous thing!!
¬¬ Ok.
Reaching this new style within my own styles remembered me of one of my oldest ones, and, still in the Joker Rush, I’ve done one more, this time in a Playing Card template. I’m planning 3 decks of Batman characters, 12 figures in each plus 3 Jokers. I have the list². Now it’s a question of time to do all them. But back to the point, Mr J and Harley in a twist:


¹ How about a magick trick?”
² See .last things first.
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