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.and yet he smiles

Oh hi! Just a quick update to let you know that I’ve finally opened The Young Jedi, new home of my digital illustrations.
I’ll drop the sketch of the first post here, go check the final work over another galaxy!



Hello boys and girls! That’s right, I’m back! Or at least I’ll try to be. This last months has been very busy. I’ve moved, Thom and Cathy have got some decorative partners, adugestudio has moved to my home also, and it’s been great to live with the gentlemen and the lady.
The work of the studio is also great and progressing, and I have a bunch of novelties to show you all, hope later this week. By now, I’ll live you with my last loki. This is a very peculiar and particular kind of draw that now and then happens to come to my mind. It’s a sort of representation of all the too much inside my head, but somewhat less poetry-full than it may sounds. And I love to do them. This time they came in a pair, this’ the second one.

.the madman is in the desert

Can you dance with the leppers in the madman’s house???¹

Hereby I present these very preliminary  sketches done for the “Flavour of the Month” section of John Howe’s website². I thought it would be interesting to have them here. The December’s flavour is The Silmarillion:

.azaghal and glorund
.thorondor and morgoth
.feännor and the balrogs
.ancalagon and eärendil

And February will be Dragons:
.from out of nowhere 
.the adventurer's worst nightmare 

That’s it. I’ll probably do the Morgoth and the Feännor ones this month and Ancalagon, The Nightmare and possibly two old drawings that I should’ve done a long time ago.

¹ Part of Arabian Sand, by British band The Coral.
² Every month there is sort of a little contest in John’s forum. He gives a theme and the best 5 os so drawings get the right to stay in the site.