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.back to the real world

Once upon a time, back to the time I’d just moved back to my parents’ house for some time and created this weblog, the contents of this realm used to be almost exclusively craft in the real world, the place of flesh and bones, of paper and ink. Time went by and somewhere in the year of 2009, after a considerable hiatus, the entries switched in a large majority to virtual works. Well, I myself believe it’s time to get back to the good ol’ days.

Not that I’m saying traditional media is intrinsically superior to digital, away with that! Almost all my work, real work like my college graduation project and the assets for Aduge‘s games, is done digitally (except that whole mess of sketches). But the passion that I have for the natural media is such that today I’ve decided to hereby declare the Watchtower a haven for my traditional work, so both I’d have a place to collect my draughtsmanship and a motivation to do more of this exquisite craft.

By the by, more Do and less Talk: this is the latest ink drawing I’ve finished, a tattoo idea for a very esteemed friend. It’s a human skull argent supported by two raven wings proper. The skull was done with micron pens of assorted mesures and the wings with brushes. Main references were the works of Yoji Shinkawa, best know by his excellent work as concept artist for Kojima Productions, and the also brazilian illustrator Kako (not incidentally  both have great influence in all of my recent works).

This drawing was later reinterpreted by a tattooist here in Curitiba and since last week inhabits Marco’s left shoulder, the skull the size of a tangerine.

Should to post again soon, prolly with some drawing of the past 2 years that I didn’t manage to post yet. In the mean time expect me to do some new ones too, at least so I hope.


.drizzly water


What a strange thing it is to walk all alone in the cold drizzly streets of the city, going back and forth in a time cycle that has no end nor beginning. I’m carrying a broken watch in my right pocket, the hand tightly grasping it, I walk with thin water in my glasses and through those polka-dotted windows I see those pieces, all dazzled, all messed up, this pieces of memories, right in front of my eyes. And in time I realize that I don’t care. It’s frozen on 4 o’clock, the watch. If before or afternoon doesn’t matter, it doesn’t cares. And the fragments of it’s stopped time are all around, coming and going back and forth in a time cycle that has no end nor beginning. I shall call it life.

What a awkward thing it is to stay all alone in your home, to stay inside of your own tower, and see the time passing, not speaking a single word all day, not seeing a living thing for so many hours, and thinking about so many things, that all seems to be otherworldly, in another time and space. But not, it isn’t. And you wake up back to life. The memories, so vivid, they are true. The people, so colorful, they are real. And slowly you do accept to be driven back to this infinite loop of experiences, of vinegar and salt, this huge bittersweetness. That strange thing, we shall call life.

This is the third paragraph.

¹ in time: indian ink on layout 180g paper. 35 minutes from first sketch to done.

.darts of pleasure

There and back again…
Did you missed me too much? Sorry for the absence. My brother has come to visit me, the ravens and some of his friends, ’twas his birthday last 26th and we’ve spent some time drinking our lives away. What does it mean? Well, I haven’t drawn a single sketch for many days! Shame on me.

Remember that Molly from Neuromancer I’ve talked ’bout? Finished her today.
All references to real life are mere coincidence (or not).

Other good news is that I’ve re-opened my account at John Howe’s forum¹, and will be participating on the next competitions, soon… So wait and see, here may be dragons. 

Back to the point. Molly and her dart gun; indian ink, pitt pens and color pencils, a4 layout 180g paper. 

.darts of pleasure

¹ this one i mean.


Today is a good day! I’m quite happy! GameArtisans has annouced the posters from DominanceWar III, it’s Blizzard supported competition. And hey! I’m in! The third edition of the contest has taken place some months ago, and I’ve sended my entry. I’ve been accepted, but not qualified to the finals, so I wasn’t expecting any news about that, but here are the posters! My illustration apears in the CG Society poster, in the right, above the funky Eel guy.
Basically the plot was to create a hero to save all system’s planets from a alien machine invasor, without using any complex machine and with some kind of magick power. The result of a long process of creation, that I may show thee someday, was that guy:

In the final step I’d sent a concept and a model sheets and a final illustration.


Saddly this last one isn’t sharply what it should be… I was coming all the way in traditional drawings, all the pieces of the modelsheet, except the crystal, are washed ink, paper, oldschool. Whem the time for the final one came I just don’t had it, and due to possible risks of making a traditional drawing (a.k.a. the inexistence of cmd+z in real life) in so short a time I’ve decided to go digitalway. As you see, not my strongest arm…

Sad story. Hohoho. But hey! The poster is nice and I’m there!
GameArtisans and Blizzard just opened a new competition, something about Death Knights and WOW. This time it’ll be paper based all the way!

.mad madness

One of the consequences of reading too much of Batman’s graphic novels is that if you don’t watch yourself carefully soon you’ll gonna be mesmerized by the magnetic personality of Gotham’s criminals.
Just like I am…

And tonights case is a double problem.

It’s a shame, I know, but I must admit, I’ve never read Lewis Carroll, and don’t even remeber much of Disney’s version… But hey! I do know some of the characters! Yes I do. Great… But the big problem is when you take one of those characters, one that everyone knows and thinks is the crazyest thing around, you take this guy, and put him in Gotham! Now we’re talking ’bout a psycho villain!

Yesterday I’ve warned you, and The Mad Hatter is coming, he’s half the way now.
Here from the top of the watchtower we can see the image taking form:

and it’s getting closer now:

Thom flew of the tower to have a little chat with him. Hope he’ll be able to get Mr Hatter upstairs soon.
Beware! Take care…

.here is to aduge

Oh hi! I’ve told thou ’bout my little enterprise havn’t I? Our little aduge. We’re working hard in it, and more then ever with high hopes. Next wednesday the folks back in Curitiba will have a lil’ chat with Mr Chris Norden from SCEA, quite unnespected, quite remarkable. I’m back here in WY and waiting for some news. Pray they’ll be good. Thom ensures that everything is gonna be allright and that I should get back to work. And so I do. Tonight I’ll start a Mad Hatter. Whait and see.

Here are the last three inked ones I’ve done, all of them in a4s.


This last one is shurelly a cyberpunk, and in my last post I’ve referred to Gibson’s Neuromancer… Yeah, I’m reading it, and it’s friggin amazing! But this skinny guy up here is older then my reading. It’s quite an improvisation, since I don’t had such a big ciberpunk-visual-library inside my head, yet. But while reading Neuromancer the images just came, I can see every little detail of that universe, and it’s helping a lot to build a cyberpunk imaginarium that soon I’ll have to use. The charecters of the book are so very graphic, so visual in their concepts, that I’ve already started to draw two of them. One is, obviously, Molly with her quicksilver eyes and tight black suits. The other is Lupus Yonderboy, the Panther Modern. I’ll finish both this week, in the same style of those 3 here, maybe with some color in Lupus’ hair. Cathy loves his pink hair.

.tah-dah… it’s magickal!

The Dark Knight.

Since the end of Batman Begins and that killing scence with the joker card I was waiting for The Dark Knight to come. Something like 3 fortnights ago it arrived, and I went to the theatre. 5 times. Two just in the first day. Maybe a little too much, ok, but I’m one of those freaks that doesn’t just go to see a movie, I very much eat every little piece of it. And TDK has plenty to be eaten. In the third time I’ve found the rails of the Wayne Tram in the backgrounds, in the fourth I’ve seen Harvey knocking down Maroni’s bodyguard, in the fifth the audience, nearly a month since the premiere, was still mesmerized by the movie, still laughthing, all of them, of the dark humor of Joker’s magick pencil¹.
So.  Dark Knight. Thanks Nolans. Thanks Heath.

And, with some of my old memories back from Batman Animated and it’s greatest invention, Harley Quinzell, and the always-in-mind work of Mucha wandering around, the result followed:

But that’s not all. I know that the movie isn’t THAT awesome.

They haven’t created so much. In a first moment I’ve thought they had. Even knowing that there were all those classic comics and graphic novels. And, after the movie colled down, I’ve decided to  read what I long ago should have.
My head exploded!! A sevennight passed ’til I’ve finnished cleaning my brains from the ceiling. The three on the roof, all harvey’s mind, the italian mob, the hanging cops, “tonight’s entertainment”, and, much, much more. Seriously, Miller, Mazzucchelli, Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale are now among the most remarkable artists I know, and I must admit that recently I’ve also been greatly inspired by the work of other Batman artist, Mr Dustin Nguyen. And they’ve done this to me:

Quite a change. At least I think so. Catherine too. This one is the very first drawing of a new lineage the I’ve just discovered inside my mind. I’m very glad that I did so. Wait for the newer ones… The 3 Peteca guys² are some of them, but I’ve done others while I was travelling that I’m very happy with.
That drawing is also my first work with tube watercolour, before I used to work with Talens’ Ecoline, a liquid type of watercolour. I think that the new ones, to me, i mean, are even faster to work with.

But that’s not all!!!
Yeah! What a marvelous thing!!
¬¬ Ok.
Reaching this new style within my own styles remembered me of one of my oldest ones, and, still in the Joker Rush, I’ve done one more, this time in a Playing Card template. I’m planning 3 decks of Batman characters, 12 figures in each plus 3 Jokers. I have the list². Now it’s a question of time to do all them. But back to the point, Mr J and Harley in a twist:


¹ How about a magick trick?”
² See .last things first.
The Batman, Batgirl, Robin (Jason Todd), Jim Gordon, Zatana, Nightwing, Alfred Pennyworth, The Oracle, Lucius Fox, Azrael, Batwoman, Robin (TIm Drake), The Penguim, Ventriloquist, Black Mask, Mr Freeze, Catwoman, Solomon Grundy, Killer Croc, Mud Face, The Scarecrow, The Red Hood, Harley Quinn, Mad Hatter, Harvey Dent, Guilda Dent, Hush, Carmine Falcone, Sofia Falcone, Alberto Falcone, The Riddler, Poison Ivy, Manbat, Ra’s  Al Ghul, Talia Al Ghul, Bane. The 3 Jokers: Cesar Romero, Bolland’s (Killing Joke) and an original one.