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.time lapse of a bird’s eye view

Time is a terrible creature, doesn’t matter how much you wanna trap it inside a cage, it has it’s own ways of slipping through your talons.


.i’m affraid i’m

So, I guess it’s just time to a new post! What do you think? Oh, right.
I like it when we agree so easily.
I’ve done another of my Lokis, but I’ll name this one differently, it’s quite different indeed. I’m gonna name it in a more complex, fragmented manner.

Surprisingly enough I’ll talk little today, very little.
After so much time being absent all I have to say is

.hell yeah!

Just to let you all know I’m still here!
Speed painted over a quick pencil sketch.

The original sketch took me one boring Typography class¹ at the University some months ago.
Today I spent about 1 and a half hour working in SAI. Hope you’ll like this boy from the hell inside Mr. Mignola’s head².

a young boy from hell

¹ notice that the boredom of the class is due to the professors dullness instead of Typography itself, which i love.
² obvious enough: HellBoy from the work of Mike Mignola.


Hello boys and girls!

I’ve decided to start a little Paint War with my good friend Santo. Yesterday he started a Batman painting in his blog. So here’s mine, although he’s Batman Beyond. 20″, Paint Tool SAI + Intuos4.