.goths, visigoths and ostrogoths

When I was a child in school I always got troubled with those guys, ostrogoths to one side, visigoths to the others, and blablabla… Though I was a little history book mouse those barbarians and their tricky names confused me. Then, one bright day, my brother told me that the complex names came from german for west-goths and east-goths, it all made sense. Still don’t know why the heck they don’t teach us simple things like this in school.

By the way, this is a painting and drafts blog, right? Here is a little fellow I’ve done in 40″ some two days ago, Paint Tool SAI from scratch. It’s a sort of gothic armored EVA unit. I’ve been developing the idea since I’ve started a 60cm tall sculpture of it one year ago, never finished it. This version was done without much reference, in a hurry, so it’s much more EVA-like than 14th-century-joust-amour-like…


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